Faith booster for your teenagers

There is a secret sauce to boost the faith of your teenagers (and by the way, it will help you as well). It is one little idea that is easy to do but we often let the opportunity pass us by. Take advantage of the moment and integrate this as part of the conversation…you will not regret it.


Get Rich Trap

This episode is a little longer (9 minutes) where I quickly talk through Proverbs 23…I have spent many hours of my life focused on the “Get Rich Trap” and believe me, it is a trap. Not to say that reviewing your current job or how best to support your family or investigating a potential opportunity is bad, BUT if you spend countless hours dreaming about what so and so has or what you would like to have, you might be falling into the Get Rich Trap. Take a few minutes to listen and let me know what you think.

So you teach? What’s your goal?

If you teach, volunteer or work with others, this less than 5 min GraceTake is for you. Do you have a goal for your teaching, discipleship, mentoring or instruction? Paul certainly did! What prompted this Episode…well, I got a bit annoyed by a comment in a group meeting (don’t think it was meant to be harmful) and yes it really bugged me. Hope this is helpful.

I have ants!

This 8 minute GraceTake is all about ants, and I do not like ants! We’re not talking about how industrious these little ants are but how annoying they can be and how often you never see them until enough of them get together in that huge trail in your home. What a pain! Problems often start the same way…we don’t notice until a bunch of little things culminate into a big thing. Can you relate? Let me know!

Judgement at 30,000 feet

I think many Christians are living in fear of God’s judgement…does that describe you? Let me give you a 30,000 foot perspective on this topic and hopefully bring you one step closer to experiencing the incredible grace of God. Nope, this will not answer all your questions, not even most of them but I do pray it causes you to think and seek God’s wisdom! Let me know what you are thinking!

Peddling fast but going no where?

Plans…goals…commitments…nothing wrong with these ideas until they get in the way of God’s direction or make you feel so condemned for what you are NOT accomplishing! Perhaps you feel like you are peddling fast but going no where? Take a moment and listen to this short GraceTake…I hope it takes you one step closer to experiencing His rest in the midst of the chaos.