Dealing with Anxiety

When you work with people as long as I have you will come across this issue of anxiety…it is very real. Anxiety can strike in almost every stage of life. I can not hope to provide a complete answer in my 9 minutes or so of rambling BUT I hope to give you a few ideas that can help you take a step forward in dealing with such a debiliatating life struggle. Let me know what you think.


Course correction – when doing the right thing and my plan collide

It is good to plan…seriously! For some of us, planning and organizing is in our DNA; for others, it is a simply a good thing to do if you have time. There are those who may believe planning is a waste of time because God should not be subject to our plan. Well, God is not subject to anything, much less our plans but I think He directs our thinking and planning efforts as we trust Him. Planning is not “anti-grace” by any means; we may get into trouble, however, when we work our plan instead of walk by the Spirit as God directs our steps. 

Cleanse your hands you sinners…what?

Sometimes Christians mistakenly believe that after a failure, or perhaps in an attempt to please God or be more spiritual, we must continually strive to cleanse our hands and purify our hearts. Have you ever felt that way? It sounds well meaning but I think it may be misdirected! This podcast episode is a little longer than normal (around 11 minutes) but I want to briefly explore those verses. Let me know what you think…

Prep for the New Year

Yes…I finished it! What? My plan…ok, it’s not that big of a deal. I want you to prep for the new year and download a free tool on your iOS or Android device from the incredible folks at that will help your personal walk with Christ. I have used the YouVersion Bible app for years primarily for my devotional reading; if you are not among the millions of users, make a point to download it now or go to


Ralph Harris in a recent post reminded me and clarified yet again, as only he can do, the idea of abiding. If you struggle with trying to abide in Christ as a believer, your struggle is over. You may still wrestle with your experience but don’t confuse that with reality as a result of the cross. Take about 6 minutes and listen to this week’s GraceTake and let me know what you think…it may simply be a reminder or perhaps a brand new beginning.