Stop reading the Bible and start living it

Wouldn’t it be nice to be alone, just you and God as you dive into His word and feel that intimacy with Him? It IS really cool but that is NOT what we are called to do. Yes, there are times to “sit at His feet” as Mary did but Jesus calls us to love one another, and that is hard to do in your quiet time! Now, you may not like the guidance I provided in this podcast and I totally get it! I hope at minimum it challenges you to get out and love. I am all for reading and studying the Bible, but at some point you just need to put it down and live!


2 thoughts on “Stop reading the Bible and start living it

  1. Brother Vernon, what an edifying conversation we had tonight. Thanks for sharing your time brother. You are an answered prayer. I’ve been heeding to Mikes advice for God to put brothers who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you Father God. Your in my prayers Vernon and all you are an do for others to help them grow and know the TRUTH of who they are from Gods perspective . May the God of all Creation pour out His mercy, grace,Lovingkindness upon your family, self and ministry. In Christ Jesus, brother Ray.


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