God uses the “nobody” to touch the “somebody”

Have you ever thought, “well, who am I…there are so many other people with amzing talents doing amazing things, who would listen to me?” Yep, I have thought the same thing! I am one of those “nobodies” who decided I would take a risk and just start talking and writing about God’s grace, forgiveness and love. I am still not on TV (definitely don’t have the TV look) nor am I a big radio talk show star BUT God has used me to make a difference for a few people. As Paul said, I will let “God give the increase”. Although humanly you may feel in the “nobody” club, but you ARE an incredible somebody because Christ lives in you and created that brand new somebody! You have more than you realize and will influcence more than you may ever know. Take a risk…put your new self out there and watch God work through you! I look forward to hearing YOUR stories!


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