Encouragement – what if…

The one thing I find missing in so many areas of life is simply ENCOURAGEMENT. The early church really needed it in the face of persecution but we need it just as much. We are under constant assault from the enemy of our souls and not to mention this world system. Unfortunately, we as believers fall into the trap of being more “dis”couraging than “en”couraging! Hopefully this 8 minute episode can encourage you to encourage…you ARE an encourager because Christ in you is your ultimate encouragement! Let me know what you think!


Until Reality is Real

So you want to experience victory? The reality is that you already have the victory in Christ, the problem is you don’t believe it…it’s just not real for you. Therein lies the problem. This short podcast episode attempts to share what was and continues to be a key point in my walk with the Lord. I hope it makes at least a little bit of sense! Let me know!

Hurry up and wait – the lost art of patience

Many of you like me have kids and perhaps even the challenge of teenagers but if not, this podcast will still apply to you especially if you find yourself having to wait on others. So often we are in such a hurry and believe others need to get moving or get out of the way. Why? Cause you have places to go and people to see (of course, sometimes you’re even in a hurry when at those places or with those people!). So what is patience? As a believer, you have an incredible resource when it comes to patience. Take about 8 minutes on this podcast and let me know your thourghts. Thanks for listening!