Dealing with Anxiety

When you work with people as long as I have you will come across this issue of anxiety…it is very real. Anxiety can strike in almost every stage of life. I can not hope to provide a complete answer in my 9 minutes or so of rambling BUT I hope to give you a few ideas that can help you take a step forward in dealing with such a debiliatating life struggle. Let me know what you think.


Course correction – when doing the right thing and my plan collide

It is good to plan…seriously! For some of us, planning and organizing is in our DNA; for others, it is a simply a good thing to do if you have time. There are those who may believe planning is a waste of time because God should not be subject to our plan. Well, God is not subject to anything, much less our plans but I think He directs our thinking and planning efforts as we trust Him. Planning is not “anti-grace” by any means; we may get into trouble, however, when we work our plan instead of walk by the Spirit as God directs our steps.