Why GraceTake?

GraceTake is, for the most part, a weekly (possibly more frequent) 5 minute or so podcast where I provide my “take” on a particular issue or situation (perhaps a devotional or two) from a “grace” perspective, thus the name “GraceTake”. From time to time I may also post a more detailed, written “take” but for now, the primary media will be audio. I really would love to hear others “take” as well…agree, disagree or whatever, the dialog is welcome. As you might expect (or not), I look to the Bible as my primary source and more importantly the author of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ and how I believe He might respond to an issue. There will be times when I am on target and other times I flat out miss the mark (I hope to acknowledge those times, depending on my state of mind!). I have no idea how long this blog / podcast will continue…I hope you enjoy the journey. –Vernon  (www.FreeNHim.org)