An instrument of His grace

Yep, it has been a while (and this is not the first time). God has been so gracious allowing me to work in the prision over these past four months and I share a brief update today. Please do not feel God is not using you…He IS and He WILL! I just keep walking and let Him open and shut the doors…either way, it is His ministry! 


God uses the “nobody” to touch the “somebody”

Have you ever thought, “well, who am I…there are so many other people with amzing talents doing amazing things, who would listen to me?” Yep, I have thought the same thing! I am one of those “nobodies” who decided I would take a risk and just start talking and writing about God’s grace, forgiveness and love. I am still not on TV (definitely don’t have the TV look) nor am I a big radio talk show star BUT God has used me to make a difference for a few people. As Paul said, I will let “God give the increase”. Although humanly you may feel in the “nobody” club, but you ARE an incredible somebody because Christ lives in you and created that brand new somebody! You have more than you realize and will influcence more than you may ever know. Take a risk…put your new self out there and watch God work through you! I look forward to hearing YOUR stories!

God is working right now, don’t miss it

Sometimes we look at what or where we want to be in the future and we miss what is happening right in front us in the “now”! My daughter has an incredible heart for God and wants to do amazing things in the future and especially overseas but I am concerned she may be wishing away the present and miss the opportunity right in front of her (and let me tell you, God is doing AMAZING things through both my girls)! I am all for planning, but don’t put aside living, loving and serving right here and right now for something you want God to do through you in the future. He IS working in and through you in the present…don’t miss it!

Stop reading the Bible and start living it

Wouldn’t it be nice to be alone, just you and God as you dive into His word and feel that intimacy with Him? It IS really cool but that is NOT what we are called to do. Yes, there are times to “sit at His feet” as Mary did but Jesus calls us to love one another, and that is hard to do in your quiet time! Now, you may not like the guidance I provided in this podcast and I totally get it! I hope at minimum it challenges you to get out and love. I am all for reading and studying the Bible, but at some point you just need to put it down and live!

It’s War…for your thoughts!

Yes, there REALLY is a battle and a real enemy! I don’t want to get all wierd but seriously, if you do believe in a spiritual “after life” it is not too far a stretch to believe you have a spiritual enemy. One thing to remember, your enemy has been defeated by the cross of Jesus Christ BUT his ultimated doom has yet to happen…he is still hanging around to harass and deceive. Here’s what I picture when I refuse the enemy deception and tell the enemy to leave…yes, we have that much authority in Christ. Hopefully this podcast will encourage you…we all face this stuff, no one is above it! Don’t depend on human efforts to fight a spiritual battle, lead with your authority in Christ and choose to walk in the truth. 

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Encouragement – what if…

The one thing I find missing in so many areas of life is simply ENCOURAGEMENT. The early church really needed it in the face of persecution but we need it just as much. We are under constant assault from the enemy of our souls and not to mention this world system. Unfortunately, we as believers fall into the trap of being more “dis”couraging than “en”couraging! Hopefully this 8 minute episode can encourage you to encourage…you ARE an encourager because Christ in you is your ultimate encouragement! Let me know what you think!

Until Reality is Real

So you want to experience victory? The reality is that you already have the victory in Christ, the problem is you don’t believe it…it’s just not real for you. Therein lies the problem. This short podcast episode attempts to share what was and continues to be a key point in my walk with the Lord. I hope it makes at least a little bit of sense! Let me know!

Hurry up and wait – the lost art of patience

Many of you like me have kids and perhaps even the challenge of teenagers but if not, this podcast will still apply to you especially if you find yourself having to wait on others. So often we are in such a hurry and believe others need to get moving or get out of the way. Why? Cause you have places to go and people to see (of course, sometimes you’re even in a hurry when at those places or with those people!). So what is patience? As a believer, you have an incredible resource when it comes to patience. Take about 8 minutes on this podcast and let me know your thourghts. Thanks for listening!

Walking in Love – what does it look like?

I thought I would change things up a bit. I asked some “random” people while hanging around at my church, “what does walking in love look like?” Now, before you ask, walking in love is not a performance; it is not something we do to earn points with God. Walking in love is an outpouring of the love of Christ within us, but what does that look like? Well, listen for the next 4 minutes to see how a few folks describe it.